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African Refinery


Acquired in 1983 by YKH Holding, this refining unit of vegetable oils continues to develop.

Raffinerie Africaine is today a leading supplier of refined seed oils to the National Office of Oil in Tunisia.

With a capacity of 100t/day for soya oil and 50t/day for corn, sunflower, and olive oils, about 17,000 tonnes are treated annually.

                                                                               (Note: 17,000 imperial tons are not equal to 17,000 metric tonnes)

In 2005, Raffinerie Africaine formed a partnership with Lesieur Cristal Maroc, ONA’s sister company and has become its overseas supplier.

In addition to its powerful operation facilities, Raffinerie Africaine is situated in an advantageous location at the crossroads of the commercial port of Tunis and the main road.



  • Address : Rue des Usines Z.I. Sidi Rezig. Tunisie
  • Tel. : +216 71 42 65 09
  • Fax : +216 71 42 56 37
  • E-mail :


Cristal Tunisia


Because we are interested in what you eat

Specialized in vegetable oils, Cristal Tunisia, our food-processing subsidiary, is the fruit of a collaboration registered on the long term between YKH Holding, Lesieur Cristal, a major actor in the food-processing industry in Morocco and Lesieur France, leader in the sector of fats in France.

This cooperation was made thanks to the conformity of our structures with the big international standards in terms of quality of food-processing production and most especially oil.

It is thus our commitment to satisfy the Tunisian consumers that has led us to offer two large vintages in terms of vegetable oils: Cristal and Lesieur, both Tunisian products.


Today, we are offering the consumer the choice between two brands of noble oils: Cristal and Lesieur.